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Why does Bond still feel "right"?

Why does Bond still feel "right"?

I’m not particularly used to seeing things I like becoming media obsessions, so while it’s strange enough seeing Doctor Who things emblazoned across shelves in shops, it’s now become a daily occurence. Whereas the sheer juggernaut that has become Bond has emblazoned itself across seemingly every magazine in the newsagents, every music channel and a documentary on the BBC, presented by the still-surprisingly-sultry Joanna Lumley with voiceovers from silky-smooth Jonathan Pryce.

Despite all that, despite the fact that Quantum of Solace (and the Bond films generally) rate as one of the highest commercial films ever with product placement galore and a guaranteed moneyspinner with limitless franchise potential, I’m still finding myself getting rather excited about it all. The theme song has a great bass drum (at least I think it’s bass), the plot seems unremittingly grim and unreconstructed.

Any long-running franchise like this would probably have been re-booted and Hollywood-ized umpteen times – and indeed, the Bond franchise has been. But it still feels right, especially with the obsession with Fleming-esque titles. Whatever it means, I love the title Quantum of Solace – it just *sounds* right.

Yes, it’s a generic staid formula – but, alas I love it. Oddly, I’ve never bothered checking the world of Bond Internet fandom, and it’s one of the few things I like that I don’t look up online. Presumably because I don’t feel the need to – and I’m not sure what there is to discuss really. It’s all there on the screen/book… isn’t it?

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