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Stereotyping America

Stereotyping America

So I’ve been in the USA for a week, and found pretty much everyone around me pleasant, polite and good company. And with remakes of Life On Mars, Kath & Kim, The Eleventh Hour and BBC World News on American television, it’s almost like being home.

And then I see this slowly spreading video of Republican supporters near the same city where I’m currently staying, essentially with said supporters essentially saying the next potential President of the USA is a terrorist.

Aside from the alarming stuff all being said, if followers of one of the main political parties are convinced the leader of the other guy is an unAmerican terrorist, I can’t help feeling that if the opinion polls are right and Obama is elected, there’s going to be one hell of a mess.

Fortunately / Unfortunately, I just cannot see Americans voting for Obama. He’s intelligent to the point of being slightly English and aloof, oh yeah and he’s black. The big word that people aren’t saying even to a YouTube cameraperson, but it’s probably one of the biggest reasons why he won’t get elected. Which is a huge shame.

Democrats, what on earth were you thinking ?! Did you really think that the kind of people who voted Bush in twice in 2000/2004 were going to go for a black man or a white woman instead? Never mind America, the *world* is crying out for a non-Republican leadership. You really fumbled the ball on that one…

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