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BBC 'World' News…

BBC 'World' News…

After flicking through the various US TV channels, I was surprised to stumble across an edition of BBC World News on a free-to-air analogue terrestrial TV station. This would be the equivalent of being able to watch an American news programme on Channel Five, so I was somewhat amazed to find this. Then watched in horror as the rest of the programme unfurled.

In the UK, we’re told that BBC World News provides an unbiased global perspective of the news. But the main items on BBC World News last night were:

– UK stock market falling
– US presidential debate, with the ubiquitous Matt Frei
– a couple of small pieces about anti-government riots in Peru and Thailand
– The “And finally”… piece about a Chinese art exhibition in Chelsea

In other words, it was almost like watching a standard BBC News broadcast, with slightly less emphasis on UK events. I can’t help thinking that if you live in Cleveland, Calcutta or Canberra, these bits of news will be fantastically irrelevant. Especially learning about an art exhibition in Chelsea, for goodness’ sake. Even when being global, the BBC’s still very London-parochial.

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