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More proof of Pure 24's Tamsin's inaneness

More proof of Pure 24's Tamsin's inaneness

Kate Adie: (paraphrasing) “And of course, the US arrested journalists at the beginning of the Iraq war”

Tamsin: (in a tone of voice that implies that Kate Adie is totally mad) “ok…. I didn’t know that… and …” (changes topic entirely)

Any sensible presenter would want to find out more of what Adie’s talking about – if only to give her enough room to hang herself, in theory.


  • I have to admit I've long since stopped watching Pure 24 primarily because of the breathtaking, toecurling lack of relevance to the show.

    I can picture the conversation when planning Pure 24..

    "Right, we've got the new series of that 24 thing. We're showing it on BBC3. Let's have something after it to keep the punters watching. God knows nothing else on the channel is getting watched. Apart from Eastenders by folk who missed it on BBC1.

    We'll get celebrities on. Oh, hang on, that costs money. Sod it, get a few folk from Eastenders – have we put it in their contract that they're obliged to appear on any old crap we churn out?
    And, oh I don't know. Pick names at random from the "will work for food" list.

    Now… Presenter… Presenter…. We want to try to have an intelligent conversation.. What about that Forrester bird? I'd have her any day of the week.. How much?! No chance. We got anyone who looks a bit like her? Eh? Yeah, she'll do – I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers..

    What? Oh, she has to talk ABOUT the show.. Right… Well, get her to watch the whole series tomorrow night. Yeah, I know that's 24 hours.. Should only take her a day then, won't it?

    What else? Audience participation? Oh Christ, that's always dead air… Look, get a bunch of actors in. Yeah, from the same list as the guests.

    Do what? Show it on BBC2? Leave it out – the TV reviewers would have a field day…"

  • Kate Adie was pissed as a fart, the silly old cow. What did she start going on about? A dog? Eh?

  • I'm so glad I stuck to my resolution not to watch Pure Drivel, uh, Pure 24 any more.

    I fear I might upset the neighbours by howling in outrage at the TV, never mind upset my boyfriend by throwing the nearest heavy object straight through the screen 😉

  • ROFLMAO… For some reason the presenter has got quite hot tho.. cough..

    Pure24 = PureShite

    Anyway, check out for updates//

    Thanks ^.^

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