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PC World are a bunch of theiving lying commerical money-grabbing cheating crooks

PC World are a bunch of theiving lying commerical money-grabbing cheating crooks

You want to know why? I’ll tell you why…

Ok, my PC refused to boot after I started experimenting with the RAM chips to see if the PC worked without them. It’d beep, indicating it’d gone into POST but then it wouldn’t boot.

So I take it to PC World in that state. Two days later, they phone me saying it needs a new motherboard and RAM chips. Which is strange because if the motherboard wasn’t working, it wouldn’t beep to begin with. And they want to charge me £150. Sod that.

So I take the PC back, and eventually get it to a workmate to see what he can do. And strangely, not only have they changed the graphics card but now the PC won’t even beep. So now I *will* have to take it back somewhere and get the motherboard/RAM changed.

Which leads me to one of a few conclusions:

1. I was wrong, the PC never beeped at me and I am in fact going mad

2. PC World did something in looking at the computer which made it worse, necessitating the replacing of the motherboard and RAM – ie they’re incompetent fools who botched it up and don’t have the decency to tell me.

3. PC World deliberately ruined my motherboard so that I’d have to cough up another £150 to replace a motherboard and RAM that’s less than six months ago. Disgraceful.

I’m going to take the computer somewhere else to get it repaired (fingers crossed) – but I have to decide whether to take PC World to the Small Claims Court. It’s not as if I have any proof of any of the above, apart from a small form acknowledging what I think the diagnosis is.



  • I believe you. Those people in PC World are a bunch of incompotent fools. I am surprise they know how to turn the PC on in the first place.

  • I hope you wiped your temp internet files also – to hide that filthy weird porn you are so fond of downloading… PC world have a habit of searching out the filth on your HD. 😉

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