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Excited about Top Gear Live

Excited about Top Gear Live

I’m not a car person – I drive an elderly Daewoo Matiz with all the power of a lawnmower – and yet, Top Gear is one of the reasons why I value paying my BBC licence fee. (The other reasons being Dragons’ Den, Doctor Who, Newsnight – oh, and it’s illegal and immoral for me not to!)

So the news that the Top Gear team are going on tour around the world sounds really good, especially since the first performance is round the corner in October. Does this mean, though, there’ll be less new Top Gear on our screens? There’s only so many repeats on Dave that I can watch … actually, that’s a lie. I happily leave multiple repeats of Top Gear on as nice background noise all the time!

Anyone else excited at the prospect of Top Gear Live?

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