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It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction….

It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction….

It is often said that video games are a lonesome activity, played by geek kids alone in their bedroom.

Well, not the fantastically puzzling Portal 2. My copy was finally delivered just before the Royal Wedding, and I spent a fair bit of that four-day weekend (after the baby had been looked after) playing it while my darling wife offered backseat gamer help, support and an extra pair of eyes. Indeed, while holding the baby and not playing it, we’d be discussing potential solutions. For a couple of particularly tricky levels, she’d read the cheat guide and just offer me morsels of hints and tips until I saw the solution with my own eyes. Indeed, it inspired her to write a post about the gamer parent

Now that I’ve actually finished the game in just under 4 days – the only game I’ve ever finished to completion – and the buzz from the game has dropped down to acceptable levels, I’ve got a few observations and quibbles about the final part of the game…

– so the top panel of the “control room” falls apart to show the sky and the moon? Therefore the top panel must be on the surface in some way … and yet, during the finale when you get in the lift at the control room, it goes through an awful lot of levels before you do emerge at the surface. Not physics-consistent, surely?

– how CAN you fire a portal at the moon, given that portals only work on a specific surface? And not presumably on some craggy piece of rock?

And yes, I am somewhat overthinking the end of a COMPUTER GAME. Probably because I don’t get that buzz now from completing a test… Need more tests! More tests!


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