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Jumbled thoughts from Day Of The Moon

Jumbled thoughts from Day Of The Moon


Although I don’t know how I’m going to be able to concentrate on future Doctor Who scripts from Stephen Moffat AND keep a baby amused and looked after…

– The Silence. They can erase memories from humans and Time Lords, disguise things and they seem to know a thing or two about regeneration. Are they mutated Time Lords?

– A spacesuit with 15 alien systems thats designed to keep a young girl alive, and perhaps give her the ability to regenerate.

– and hurrah. The return of DOK-TORRRRRRRR

– and how clever of Moffatt to be able to retort to any inconsistencies with his script with a “Then you saw the Silence. And forgot.” For instance, how did the TARDIS team realise The Silence existed in the first place?

– and how can a HOLOGRAM of an image erase your memory? Are they related to those blasted Weeping Angels?

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  • V/Sky+ – it's the only way forward. I lasted a month before I ordered one and started hitting 'series record'.

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