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Pizza Hut UK don’t value returning customers

Pizza Hut UK don’t value returning customers

Every so often, I have ordered (online) a pizza from Pizza Hut. I must have spent at least £100 with them over the last few months alone – what with having a pregnant wife with cravings, and then being a family too tired to actually cook anything and craving some sort of treat.

So it was in this atmosphere – as well as being my wife’s birthday week – that we ordered a pizza online from Pizza Hut on Tuesday. I duly entered my credit card details, and got a receipt number. Then waited for my pizza. And waited. And waited.

After an incredibly hungry hour of waiting, I called the relevant branch only to be told that as they had never received my order, they wouldn’t be doing anything at all. They just told me to contact customer services, who of course aren’t in on a hungry Tuesday evening.

So I filled in the web form to complain, and got an email with an apology and that they’d refund the cost. No mention of whether they’d try to make it up to me, or offer me vouchers or discounts on my next order. Despite the fact that I’ve been a loyal customer in the past.

Since Pizza Hut don’t value me as a customer, I won’t be valuing them as a company.

Besides, in my furious hungry anger, I ordered with Domino’s instead – who sensibly take payment when the pizza is delivered – and their pizza was, it has to be said, far more delicious.

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  • You spent more than £100 at Pizza Hut in a few months? Wow. Are your tastebuds impaired?

    Papa John's is nicer than Domino's IMO. Also, AFAIK they don't fund anti-abortionist lobby groups in the US.

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