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If you’re not doing anything Saturday May 28th…

If you’re not doing anything Saturday May 28th…

and fancy coming to our wedding renewal vows and christening of baby Alex in North-Central Ohio (an hour west of Cleveland), America, then please let me know!


  • I never knew you were a Christian.

    • I'm not, but my wife is. Thankfully a liberal Christian, willing to listen to the views of other religions and non-religious folk.

      • I always think it's unfair to christen children. Let them make up their own minds when they're able to, rather than impose dogma on them at an early age. That goes for all religions/mumbo-jumbo 'faiths' – as Richard Dawkins says, there's no such thing as a Christian/Muslim/Jewish/whatever child, it's the parents that push it upon them. I was christened and I'm an atheist – it really is a load of old cobblers. When I have kids I'll bring them up to be free-thinkers.

        Don't take that as personal criticism – it's more of a general complaint.

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