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Ugly and addicted to sex?

Ugly and addicted to sex?

So David Duchovny has just been admitted to a clinic for sexual addiction, joining a list of other male Hollywood celebrities who have admitted to a similar condition, including Michael Douglas and Russell Brand.

But at least these people could presumably get sex from wherever they wanted. I mean, Duchovny’s married to the gorgeous Tea Leoni, Douglas to the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones.

What happens if you’re ugly, poor *and* have sexual addiction? Or is it something that only rich handsome men (poor them!) seem to get?

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  • ugly, poor people probably do get it, but i think it's a symptom of a lifestyle rather than anything else. Look at Russell for instance, he's gone from being a drug addict to a sex addict. He didn't 'cure' his addiction, he just transferred it into another area of his life. Addiction is a strange beast.

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