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Can media workers walk an extra 1500 feet?

Can media workers walk an extra 1500 feet?

As part of the media megaopolis that will be MediaCity in Manchester (where the BBC and other media companies will have a rather substantial presence), there are plans by Metrolink trams to extend one section of the line by a whopping 400m, in order to ensure that commuters to MediaCity won’t have to walk too far.

When you see how close the other Metrolink stations are around Salford Quays, this will just make a farcical journey even worse. Are people really that afraid of walking these days? Even in lazy London, people will routinely *walk* between stations, so why can’t we expect Mancunians and transplanted office workers to do the same thing?

While I was around there for the weekend (before my car was rudely broken into and the PIN-locked satnav device stolen by two teenagers), I filmed a quick video to show the commute…

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