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My resolution to never drink again crumbles…

My resolution to never drink again crumbles…

The summer sun, a works outing, and free beer all conspire to defeat my half-assed resolution to not drink so much alcohol again. But then again, it all came after a gruelling day learning about Employment Law. Which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, to be fair.

So I eventually stumble back into work (after huge shenanigans trying to find someone who’d fix my computer!) and remember about this post-work drinks bash to “celebrate Creativity”. Which is a good thing.

And to be fair, it’s not bad. Free drink, some food, a quick speech and brief from someone senior and then there’s a mini-comp to race toy cars around a track. A comp. I lose very very quickly.

One particular woman there is someone I have admired from afar for a *long* time. Mainly based on physical looks alas – she makes Nicole Kidman look ugly. Hence, well out of my league.

Eventually, my resolve not to drink cracks – mainly when everyone asks why I’m not drinking. Plus it’s a sunny day, I need some relaxation, blah blah blah. So I have one beer. Then another.

Eventually, I somehow pluck up the courage to try and chat to Mystery Woman. Somehow manage to pick a relatively anodyne topic and might just be getting away with it, but then my brain decides to trip me up. I start bringing in the person on the next table, and comment that his hair’s changed so I didn’t recognise him – to whit Mystery Woman says “My hair’s changed, you knew who I was”… Grrr… At which point I run.

How on earth do people manage to pick up complete random strangers? How do they manage that?

The evening degenerates so that those who have homes to go to go home, and the rest of us bundle to a bar by the bay for more drinking. I plead health and go home at midnight but everyone else goes to the boat of someone they befriended at the bar. As yer do.

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