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A smiley face, as made by GreyArea and as seen on Flickr An email flew across UK new media types today, exhorting people to take part in a flashmob to celebrate 20 years of acid house. Or as most people would term it, acccieeeeeeeeeeeedddddddd – courtesy of D-Mob’s We Call It Acieed, which was probably the closest mainstream charts got to it.

But to hear people twittering and muttering about it, apparently everyone was simply getting on down t’acid house in the second summer of lurve (1988). Except unsurprisingly, I was trapped in my parents’ bedroom probably not doing much except watching TV and imagining that simply every cool kid was getting on down t’Acid House in the big cities. And they probably were.

Personally, out of D-Mob’s ouevre, I preferred D-Mob & Cathy Dennis – C’mon get my love. And to think she went on to write some of Kylie’s greatest hits. Ahhh, the 1980s…


  • I was about 13 and used to sport a yellow smiley badge on my clothes. "Wooooaaaah, you like acid?", asked a 20-sth French girl, all pink dyed hair, piercings and what I sensed was awe at the gawky teenager that I was. "Er… nah, I just like the big smile thing, cheers me up ya know…". This, my friend, sums up my involvement. Nil. Zero. I've always been someone who smiles at everyone for no reason other than to brighten up their day, regardless of what music is playing. I no longer wear any badges though, of any kind (exception made of the Hummus Bros "Give Peas A Chance" button for about 2 days last year… I like their food!)

  • aaah i love me a good acid tune

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