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Embarassment at work… (sponsored post)

Embarassment at work… (sponsored post)

So far, my most embarassing desk-work moments have involved:

– merrily miming along to a superlative Pet Shop Boys track called I’m In Love With A Married Man.
– shrieking like a girl when I played a video that unexpectedly turned into one of those scary jumpy videos.

But fortunately, I’ve not yet been caught looking at things I shouldn’t have, quite like this:

Video placement paid for by ChannelBee


  • Eh… embarrassment at work is a constant of my job, sadly. In terms of singing, shrieking “Ironic” by Alanis Morrissette on a shitty mike a few weeks ago has got to be one of the worst moments, or would have been if it had bothered me, which it didn’t. Always game for a laugh I guess. Oh, I have blogrolled you – hope that a/you don’t mind and b/it wasn’t too painful.

  • ha ha ha ha! That’s probably why we don’t have internet at work!

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