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I tried – and I got zero. Nothing. Nada.

I tried – and I got zero. Nothing. Nada.

I don’t know if anyone’s ever managed to try for a webtest, and get zero percent – ie nothing, but I managed it for the BBC’s How Musical are you? LabUK test.

0%. Nothing. it means I got very very few answers right.

I could blame it on feeling ill, with a cold that’s zapping me of all energy. Or the stress of waiting for the arrival of WeaponX. Or just accept the fact I’m musically retarded.

Still, it didn’t stop the BBC from suggesting a few musical programmes for an obviously musically deaf person such as myself:

My Musical test results and recommendations


  • I got 99%. I didn't find it too difficult, though I did overcomplicate the spacebar-rhythm round by trying to tap irregular beats in 6/8 time (I suspect that will mean nothing to you though).

    How on Earth did you get zero? Are you genuinely tone deaf?

  • lol I got 76% for musical perception. I did get a tad bored with it in the end though!

  • Funny that, I'd have thought the site would have suggested Radio 2!

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