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Jessica Hynes is still funny!

Jessica Hynes is still funny!

As long-time readers of this blog may know, I (along with lots of pop-culture-obsessed UK’ers) am a huge fan of Spaced. For those not in the know, it’s almost a British piss-take on Seinfeld, albeit obsessed with pop culture instead of the people around them. (In so many ways, Seinfeld would have worked better if it was British! I mean, what other nation is such an expert when it comes to examining the innards of human society, and the bizarre rituals and expectations that grow up around them?)

Anyway, skip to the end and while Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright (director) went off to do many funny things (and Pegg is the new Scotty for Star Trek), Jessica Stevenson’s career seemed to take an interesting turn.

She could have continued to mill her geek comedienne persona into all sorts of interesting things – but after a BBC-helmed comedic misfire, she seemed to turn her back on all things comedy, getting married, having three children and, of course, falling in love with David Tennant in Doctor Who: Human Nature.

Fortunately, to commemorate the American release of Spaced: The Complete Series on DVD (Americans! buy it now! It’s got commentaries and praise from the likes of Kevin Smith, Quentin Tarantino & Matt Stone!), the triumvirate have hit the publicity trail, complete with this video interview with Empire at Comic-Con. and I’m pleased to report that Jessica is as funny, geeky and – damn it, rude – as ever.

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