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America – you need more windows!

America – you need more windows!

Taken by ChrisLB If I was designing a nation that sat under never-ending huge amounts of summer sunshine, then I’d think I’d make better design choices than:

– making all the buildings brown or dark (Florida is probably the honorary exception to this rule)
– ensuring a relative lack of windows, to make the interiors seem surprisingly dark
– because it’s all dark, then having to use electric light fittings to give more light. At 2pm on a sunny afternoon
– because of a lack of opening windows, aritficial a/c has to be used instead. Thus raking up the electricity bills, which is never a good idea.

Granted, the sun must wreak havoc on all sorts of things – like my body for instance. But at least bigger windows would enable you to use sunlight for its good stuff.

Never mind the differences between blue and red America, the differences between outdoors America, street America and inside America are vastly huge. Inside, it’s quiet, dark and rather cold thanks to excessive a/c. Outside, it’s quiet, bright and blisteringly hot. And people are still walking around in business suits, dark trousers and not sweating. I also note that the weather in Cleveland today is 82 F/28 C.

Oh, I have finally realised that American daytime television is terrible. Either that, or I need my fix of Dave and daytime Top Gear. Stat.

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