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Random excited thoughts about The Stolen Earth

Random excited thoughts about The Stolen Earth

– Gor blimey, what an episode. Just how many elements can you mix in?
– The visual FX were gor-blimey-spectacular.
– If only the episode had been called This Stolen Earth. Work in a bit of literary/sci-fi reference, that’s what I say… (is there a Shakespearian line about This Quiet Earth?)
– Suddenly, the propensity for even the official Doctor Who news outlets to start plugging the identity of the mysterious villain coming back, makes no total sense. Since that’s not what the cliffhanger centres around…

More spoilers here:

– I love the idea of a gibbering insane Dalek. I want that laugh for my ringtone!
– Whoever turned up the gain on the FX ought to be congratulated. And you can see where the money has gone.
– Shame that in such an episode with huge amounts of action, actors, drama and emotion, the “realisation” moment has got to be the hammiest in the history of Who. But bless all the actors for trying their damn hardest. Real tears and everything!
– Recreating an end-of-the-world riot in Pontypridd? Don’t think any of the residents could tell the difference!
– The revelation of the Shadow Proclamation is somewhat disappointing, I fear
– Just how many references to old/new Who can you work into 45 minutes?! Any newbies have probably headed home a long time ago
– The Doctor’s phone number. It must have been prominently displayed for a reason. Hell, it’s listed on the Doctor Who website – It’s 0770 900 461 btw! – but doesn’t seem to connect to anything. This is either a huge missed opportunity for the BBC to dip its toes to ARG, or a bit of a cock-up.
– Project Indigo. That raised an internal giggle for me and anyone who probably worked in BBC Wales New Media circa 2005!
– Poor General Sanchez. Gone just when Michael Brandon was beginning to assert the role
– I *still* don’t buy the Doctor and Rose being in love. I don’t know why, I just don’t. Makes no sense to me. But I’m probably in a huge minority on that one
– I really thought the cliffhanger would probably centre around Donna being on the verge of death (there’s no way she can survive to the end of the season!). To bring that element as a cliffhanger either suggests that there’s going to be a massive cheat and disappointment, or the BBC has managed to keep a really good secret going for the last 12 months. And if so, that’s an astonishing feat.


  • Meaghan

    Have you tried calling yet? I really want to know what that number leads to :). Although, it seems more likely that it will be important for next week.

  • Got to say I was shocked, I didn't know David Tenant Was leaving / regenerating. (Hey I watch the show, I don't follow the gossip) πŸ™

    For my money he's been the best Doctor since Tom Baker. Really hoped he'd be hanging around a few more seasons. Don't know who the new Doctor's going to be either, and ain't going looking.

    To be honest it's about time it all kicked off, this season has been lacklustre to say the least. As its RTD writing this finale, expect a real Deus Ex Machina ending again, I'm guessing.

  • Meaghan: Alas – as I suspected – the phone number doesn't connect to anything. can't imagine why the BBC would display the phone number so prominently and then not *use* it…

    Dio: I'd not heard a thing about David leaving. So either he is leaving, and the BBC has managed to keep one of the most worthy Doctor Who news stories away from rumour or gossip-mongering for the last 13 months (and that seems a bit impossible!), or it's all going to be a bit of a cop-out resolution with David Tennant staying.

    As with most Doctor Who seasons these days, it picks up after episode 7 onwards for some bizarre reason. I'd have thought you'd want to front-load your programmes with all the good stuff upfront, but then what do I know? I'm totally expecting a Deus Ex Machina ending with some mystical pixie fairy dust to solve everything πŸ˜‰

  • Meaghan

    Yeah, I'll stick by my suspicion that it will be used next week (only *you* can save the Doctor… Mr. Smith is down, Torchwood is out of commission, everyone watching needs to call at once sort of thing) but maybe that's a bit farfetched πŸ™‚

    By the way, I'm glad you added me as an LJ friend, but that's a filler journal; I'm actually at MegAbroad – look for a friend invite from that account!

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