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Random London moments via the 266

Random London moments via the 266

London bus

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Thanks to incredibly slow London traffic, I managed to spend three hours on the 266 bus route between Hammersmith and Brent Cross, and back. It wouldn’t be so bad but I got to Brent Cross *just* when all the shops were closing. I was starving at this point, and even though there was plenty of food out on display – because all the shops were closing up their tills, nobody would sell me any. Damn nit!

The plus side in my mini-trail across half of London is that I did spot a few random London moments, including:

– one chap who got on the bus, and spent the next 30 minutes loudly listening to, and nodding along to a rap music album. Stored on his phone which he was listening to by keeping it against his ear, and generously sharing it with the rest of us grumpy passengers. And he had bling-bling white trainers on. And he was white, just to defeat another stereotype.

– spotted a taxi parked on the side of the road, and next to the taxi was a man kneeling on a prayer mat, praying presumably towards Mecca

and your random London link is this series of images musing on what 2090 London would look like, once it’s been flooded.

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  • This is interesting reading this because when I was in london recently i could not believe all the traffic, it was horrendous trying to get to a hotel there. I would like to ask the old lord mayor why on earth he brought in the congestion charge when it has not made any difference to cars or to buses. Something needs to be done. London is getting more and more like new york, soon it will be quicker to walk

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