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Doctor Who – Turn Left spoilers

Doctor Who – Turn Left spoilers

My random thoughts on the latest incredibly dark episode of Doctor Who: Turn Left

– The TARDIS lands on a Chinese-esque planet, which is actually shot in Splott, Cardiff. Look at all those Chinese extras. I COULD HAVE BEEN A DOCTOR WHO EXTRA! (*wails at sky*)
– Although since it’s a Chinese-esque fortune teller who’s responsible for the parallel universe, it’s time to look again at the current trend in New Doctor Who to be somewhat stereotypical towards the Chinese and Japanese.
– Turn Left: Chinese-esque fortune teller responsible for the alternative universe
– Utopia: Chinese-esque insectoid alien with distinctly stereotyped-Japanese speech and thought mannerisms
– Gridlock: Giggly Japanese schoolgirls in van
– Army of Ghosts: Again, giggly Japanese schoolgirls

– Nice to see that even with all the advances in modern tech and make-up, BBC Television still can’t do a realistic beetle
– So many 1980s-esque horror images, from the mushroom cloud to internment camps.
– Verily dark – especially after last week’s episode. How are kids still watching after this ?!
– A bit worrying for RTD to resort to multiple references to previous episodes – great for fans, but for the casual viewer?


  • I don't know about other children, but William loved it. I think, as he's only four, he doesn't really get the sinister side of Doctor Who and only sees the aliens and his hero.
    Interestingly, I didn't think he'd be able to sit through a Doctor-less episode, but he was engrossed.
    I feel I should be getting the last series on DVD to see him through the slump over the coming months.
    Joe x

  • To be honest, the last four episodes have been a bit too cerebral for the little 'uns, especially as the BBC went so heavy on the Daleks and action in the trailers. My son's been asking when's the Daleks coming for four weeks now.

    Instead we've non monsters in the worlds largest library, The Horror at 37,000 Feet set on a train and Turn Left (a mix of The Naked Lunch and Back To The Future) – all of which were sans the whole point of Doctor Who for kids, flaming scary monsters!

    I had to resort to watch Daleks in London film with my son as he was feeling well hacked off after another week of unseen monsters. You get the feeling they've had no budget this series. The sets have been lame, there's been a distinct lack of good monsters and once again RTD's scripts have been weak (won't miss him being off the series one bit.) It doesn't bode well for the big blockbuster finish, but looking at the trailer, my son should get a good monster fix, finally.

  • You left Tosh off your east Asian character roundup. I find her to be a walking geeky Asian stereotype with a bit of Lotus Blossom thrown in.

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