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Which movie poster should I put up?

Which movie poster should I put up?

Yup, I still haven’t decided on which movie poster I’d want to put up on my wall. But handily, someone’s compiled a list of the 100 greatest movie posters, and I’m gratified to note that there are some uncovered gems in the list, ones that I thought only I liked.

I particularly like the ones for Pulp Fiction, Die Another Day, Pulp Fiction, and Straw Dogs – but these are either too cliched or obvious to have pride of place on my living room wall.

The best candidate from the list that I can see so far is Angel-A. I love the b&w photography of it – but there’s just one flaw. I haven’t actually *seen* it yet, so it might just be a really terrible film…

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  • Ahem… I thought we talked about NOT putting up a movie poster because it would turn off the girls, making them think you were juvenile and not very cultured.

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