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Random moments on a welsh train

Random moments on a welsh train

Here i am on a god early train from deepest wales to birmingham trying to get some sleep.

The train stops to pick up some passengers including a very loud woman with a joss stone-esque indeterminate accent.

Even though my eyes are closed she starts reciting her life history to noone in particular, about how she is heading to the lake district, how she was doing some on the job training but they were charging her a fortune in accommodation but that’s OK because she is in line to run a bar in New York which will be stuffed full of celebrities.

That’s when i open my eyes to see what kind of chatty glamorous New York bar manager would be going on a very early morning train in mid wales. And it’s a very young woman (almost a teenager) clasping onto both her huge bags (a sure sign of a naive traveller). Using some kind of toy rabbit as her pillow. The temptation to laugh is somewhat overwhelming …


  • The temptation to laugh would have been just a starting point for me. I'm certain I would have found a way to play with her mind just to entertain myself. It certainly sounds like she wanted the attention, and certainly needed some calibration too.

  • So please spill, did she give in to temptation and laugh at you?

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