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If this is how America treats its friends…

If this is how America treats its friends…

So the UK stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the US against pretty much everyone else in launching a doomed war against Iraq, which sends Tony Blair out of office, potentially Gordon Brown with him and ushering in the Tories at the next general election … and what does the UK get in return?

All European visitors to be forced to register with the Department of Homeland Security 72 hours before entering the United States on a visa-waiver system.

Erm… surely, the whole POINT of a visa-waiver system is so that you don’t have to do bureaucratic things like registration, retinal scans, fingerprint IDs and all that?

I’d like to think Obama would change this when he gets into office. But he won’t.

Ever wonder why we get the feeling that Bush/NASA’s plans for a Mars colony aren’t about exploration, but about setting up Planet America? 😉

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