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Am I going to become a Tory?

Am I going to become a Tory?

David Davies’ recent decision to resign as an MP to force a by-election and debate on the erosion of UK civil liberties (you can now be arrested for 42 days without charge, there are CCTV cameras for every 14 people, the biggest DNA database in the world in percentage terms) has attracted a lot of scorn from media and politicians, but it does seem to have had the side effect of suddenly making the Tories look almost electable. Which is one hell of a neat trick, but a bit of a reflection of a growing trend where people now seem ready to come out of the Tory closet.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, when Margaret Thatcher and then Tony Blair were in charge, nobody in my circle of friends would even countenance the idea of voting Tory. Thatcher’s ghost still loomed large, and Blair seemed to be doing a damn good job.

Then suddenly came the Iraq war, withdrawal of student grants, ID cards, the rise of management consultants everywhere, and now Labour are starting to look bloody authoritarian – which, when coupled with civil servants’ transparent disdain for actually securing peopele’s personal data – is not a good combo.

Hell, during the recent London mayoral elections, some friends of mine were openly declaring their support for the Tories and Boris. And that would never have happened in the 1980s and 1990s (notwithstanding the fact that there weren’t any mayoral elections then…)

So in about three years, Labour have gone from being seemingly invincible to throwing away the next general election. and thus letting the Tories back in. Who, to be fair, would probably have also said yes to a 42-day detention, a war with Iraq etc.

Oh dear.


  • Whilst I applauded David Davies speech yesterday about civil liberties and the state of the nation etc, it soon wore off when I thought back to the laws which trampled all over personal freedoms in the 80s, bought in by none other than the Tories. The Video Recording Act, Section 28, removal of student grants, political gagging and their anti rave legislation for starters. Whilst Labour are woeful, and there unfortunately isn't a viable 3rd option, too many in the UK have forgotten what a piss take the last Conservative Government was.

    Cameron's already giving glimmers of that old Conservative prurience and elitism (if I hear him bash on about family values again…) and the rest of the party is still full of greedy, self serving scumbags who've only got where they are in life thanks to nepotism, being born into wealth and plain old corruption. The day I feel myself swinging towards Conservatives is the day I put my head in the oven and take a long nap.

    To many young people today don't actually recall how bad it was under those leeches, but they should take a closer look behind the sound bites and that to see how little the Conservative party has changed from its old self. I mean come on, at the last election the Tories were hiring young models to go campaigning with them in the hope of appealing to young people. How crap is that?

  • Good point. I'd totally forgotten about those dark days (if you're a civil libertarian) in the 1980s.

    I just *personally* want the government to be socialist economically, and liberal socially. Is that too much to ask for? 😉

  • Sheff

    And here is news of "BoJo" revealing his true colours. Didn't take long.

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