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Why I'm not getting an iPhone

Why I'm not getting an iPhone

Given my recent experiences with new phones and getting rather frustrated by their interfaces, I should be salivating over the forthcoming 3G iPhone. But I won’t be getting one.

Simply because as fancy as all these new touchscreen devices may be, with their huge screens and innovative ways of exploring and clicking, they fail on one very simple thing – you can’t text while you’re on the move. With a phone that has a traditional keypad, it is possible to dial numbers and text people while you’re walking from place to place (or driving!) without having to look at the screen. The trouble with touchscreen phones is that you always have to look at the screen when you’re doing anything – and if you’re walking from place to place (as you do in ol’ London town), that means stopping to look at the screen. And woe betide anyone who stands still on a London pavement – you’ll either get shoved aside, or charity muggers will come up to you.

Shame really – because otherwise it’d look fantastic. But just for the touchscreen factor, I’m selling my HTC TyTN II, and wondering if anyone can sell me a Nokia N95


  • You may know that I'm a HUGE non-conformist, so I can't bear to get an iPhone. They're way too trendy. I have the Blackberry Curve, and I adore it and continue to adore it. It's a very sexy phone and does loads of stuff. They're quite pricey, though.

  • I've had an iPhone for a couple of months now, and luckily it cost me next to nothing (won it, hacked it, pay as you go…) I'm sure you can remember how anti them I was, now I can't get enough of mine. I've done such a big Apple u-turn even Gordon Brown would be impressed.

    To be frank, one of my biggest grievances with mobile phone users is how they walk around texting and looking at the phone whilst not paying attention to what's going on in front of them. Making people stop and stand still to do these things is a benefit IMO.

    Plus with the screen I can bang out a txt at 7x the speed I can using the traditional phone pad. That said I won't be upgrading my iPhone to the newer models until I get another free one. 🙂

  • Ah but with the keypad phones, I can walk, look straight ahead and *still* text with one hand. Multi-tasking!

  • Remind me not to go in a car with you when you're texting at the same time as driving…

    I agree with Dio about people being absorbed in their phone rather than in the real world actually taking place around them. And Andrew, I don't believe that even you can multi-task that well, sorry!

  • To be fair, I only text at traffic lights. And there's a lot of those in London…

  • It's one of my aims in life to invent a mobile phone addon that slaps people in the face when they aren't paying attention to the pavement in front of them…

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