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Obama the llama

Obama the llama

I may be tired, slightly irritable (well, you try having your parents stay for a week and you sleeping in the living room on the sofa with one of their friends) but for some reason, I can’t stop dwelling on the notion that Barrack Obama may have won the Democratic nomination.

Simply because I cannot believe
– a nation that managed to vote for Dubya *twice*, is ever going to elect Obama as President. Which basically means the most powerful man in the world could well end up being a 73-year-old military veteran. Which is not good news.
– which basically means the Democrats have basically handed over the Presidency to yet another warmonger. Obama may be the right candidate, but he’s not going to be the one who wins
– surely everyone who’s voted in the primaries is already a Democrat nominee. So why is the UK press so keen on splashing the fact that members of a foreign political party have chosen their next presidential candidate …
– what on earth does Obama stand for? What are his policies? I am reminded of the character in a Stephen King novel who came to power vaguely promising great change, and then promptly starting a war… (then again, I guess the same can be said for Clinton. All political rhetoric and inspirational self-selling speeches as opposed to policies)
-why am I more interested in US domestic politics than UK domestic politics (again!)?

More importantly, thanks to my sister getting married, I seem to have missed the chance to be part of the last Circle Line pub crawl on the London Underground. and more importantly, the chance to cameo on the Daily Show.


  • That photo of you in the suit is probably the best picture I've ever seen of you. Love it!

  • Oh, and Obama is going to win. In fact, he is going to win by a landslide. Obama stands for everything the Republicans do not… the environment, independence from oil, education, etc. Obama is not that black… except for the fist bump. šŸ˜‰

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