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Random London moments…

Random London moments…

Over the last weekend, I have observed the following people on the tube:

– One short naturally bald and slightly older man, and one tall shaved-bald younger man. I’m assuming they were together because they got off the tube train together.

– One woman with dyed blonde hair that failed to hide the grey roots (thus looking like a female member of Status Quo), talking animated and enthusiastically about something. And her companion, one of those mid-30s women trying to look like a teenage boy complete with plastic shellsuit top, and lesbian-savvy black T-shirt failing to hide a reasonable amount of boobage, nodding sagely as if taking in all the information. But she was probably thinking ‘Shut the hell up, I just want to kiss you’. Or something.

– Two women on the tube, dressed in a bizarre set of costumes. One woman, who was naturally well-endowed had augmented it with a ridiculous set of falsies, and her companion was a very thin, frail blonde woman. And they both carried light sabres. Asked them about it, apparently there was an anime/sci-fi convention nearby.

Which was handy information, as later on, waiting for another tube train, one arrived and expunged a veritable busload of young women, all in various anime/sci-fi costumes. Which is unusual.

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