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Will this put off women from stripping in my living room?

Will this put off women from stripping in my living room?

Finally, I have finished painting my living room (a combo of dark red and violet white!), and thought must now go towards how to decorate it.

I want to put up one movie-related poster or photo frame, and when I stumbled across a canvas print of the Dodge This! moment from The Matrix, I thought I’d found my ideal print.

But then zuzula counselled against this for the following reasons:

– The Matrix is soooo 1999. (Well, not her exact words, but it was about a decade ago)
– That picture is going to put off any women from stripping in my living room. Given that there are enough reasons for women not to strip off in my living room, adding extra obstacles to their path is not a good idea.

I didn’t buy it in the end because £25 for an unofficial canvas print is a wee bit extortionate. But is that image *really* going to put off women? Is the Matrix really that dead and buried now? Admittedly, the sequels were quite terrible, but I still think the original film stands up as almost a perfect combination of science fiction, cod psychology and computer effects.

Of course, other movie posters are also available. But I do want to avoid the cliche of sticking up a poster from Blade Runner or Betty Blue, so need to think of alternatives. Maybe Kill Bill. Or maybe the one of Angelina Jolie in Wanted, but that really *will* put women off from stripping in my living room.


  • Or perhaps you could join the "grownup" world and buy an actual piece of art. That's the REAL way to turn women on.

  • Adrian

    Steady on guys! Surely a classic film moment, from a classic film, from the turn of the millennium is totally cool?

    Can't comment on how women would respond to it. I would hope it displays a respect for female expressions of power and autonomy. Or maybe that's just me.

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