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Tell us what you think…

Tell us what you think…

I remember overhearing a great Mitchell & Webb sketch lampooning the way in which media companies now desperately solicit comments and feedback on almost everything. In a roundabout way via Jem Stone’s blog and Broadcast, here is the text transcription I shall be pasting onto all pages!

“Are you personally affected by this issue ? Then e-mail us. Or if you’re not affected, can you imagine what it would be like if you were ? Or if you
were affected by it but don’t want to talk about it can you imagine what it would be like not being affected by it ? Why not email us ? You may not know anything about the issue, but i bet you reckon something. So why not tell us what you reckon. Let us enjoy the full majesty of your uninformed ad hoc reckoning, by going to…clicking on “what i reckon” and beating on the keyboard with your fists and your head.”

Of course, it’d be nice if people actually responded to comments instead of deploying the old management-speak of “I hear what you’re saying…”

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  • Can I be the first to get in and say, I hear what your saying.

    Have you watched Sky News? Bits of it seem to be made up of nothing but viewer comments. If I wanted to hear the opinion of an unknowledgeable, shouty ignoramus I'd go down the local pub and ask them directly.

    Only slightly less-worse is the news on Radio 1. They seem to fill half their news bulletins with requests for "your opinion" but never use them. And don't even get me started on the extent to which they dumb down the news…….

    Aw look what you've done now. I'm on one now. It's going to be hours before I calm down enough to sleep.

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