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Reasons to vote for Ken in London

Reasons to vote for Ken in London

Sure, it may be a PR stunt to show the Mayor of London using the same transport as the rest of us without any apparent bodyguards, minders, PR flunkies or anything else … but I’ve yet to see pics of Boris or Paddick or even Sian Berry of the Green Party using the Tube.

Then again, I distinctly remember reading a quote from The London Paper (24 April, page 11) where she claimed that four people taking a taxi was “as energy efficient as a two-thirds empty bus”. That may be true, but buses still have to run so surely it’s still a net carbon increase?

Oh yes, that’s not to forget the cheerleaders hovering outside the workplace the other day exhorting us to vote for K-E-N…

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  • It wasn't a PR stunt – Peter Marshall just saw him on the Tube. I've seen him a number of times. Other readers of my blog have seen him. He can't drive. But he can afford taxis and doesn't take them. He uses the Tube as any normal commuter would use the Tube which is a major plus in my book.

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