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Am I to blame for Ashley Highfield's departure? ;)

Am I to blame for Ashley Highfield's departure? ;)

The first and last time I bumped into Ashley Highfield (former head new media honcho at the BBC), it was early on a Wednesday morning and I was a wee bit hungover.

So when I meandered over to my designated table for a day of brainstorming, I was a little astonished to find Ashley Highfield sitting there, prodding around with some digital device or whatever. I said Hello, and mentioned that I indirectly worked for him at BBC Wales as a content producer. He grunted, said Hello, and then made his excuses and left.

Fast-forward about half a decade, and I’m back at the BBC, in the heart of the Media Village. I don’t work indirectly for Highfield at all any more, but he must have seen me lurking around the corridors of power, because less than two weeks later, his resignation has been announced…

If you’d like other fascinating stories about how I indirectly caused Kurt Cobain’s suicide and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s death, please ask. 😉

(This is a very tongue-in-cheek post, brought to you in a desperate attempt to see if opportunistic blogging will raise viewing figures. Just, y’know, to see…)

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