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Why Plaxo is now unfit for purpose

Why Plaxo is now unfit for purpose

When Plaxo was first announced to the world, it was an online address book and a way of sharing contact information with friends, family and colleagues. The idea was that you could update your contact details on their system, and people who were also registered with Plaxo would get your updated details. Conversely, if they changed their contact details, you’d also get your database updated. But you could also get Plaxo to send emails containing your address details to non-registered people, so at least they’d also get your contact details.

Over the years, Plaxo has kept redefining itself to the point where now it’s aspiring to be a version of FriendFeed, but presented as a hideous mixture of Facebook and LinkedIn, with none of the business formality of LinkedIn, and yet not as friendly as Facebook. Which I’ve obediently done, up to now.

I’ve recently changed jobs (again!) and about to move house (again!). So Plaxo would be ideal as a one-time way to tell all my friends, family etc. of my new contact details, and it’s worked reasonably well before. But despite an hour of looking around the website, I just cannot find a way to tell people my contact details. It just doesn’t seem to work, especially for non-Plaxo people.

Changing a website to the point when you can’t use it for its original intended purpose is just the height of stupidity. Without that functionality, Plaxo is now totally indistinguishable from the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, FriendFeed et. al.

Why, Plaxo? Why?

PS: if you do want my new real-world contact details, shout…

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