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A bit of London life…

A bit of London life…

I am sitting in a noodle bar near the workplace when a couple come in. An African man and his companion who looks like an older bag lady. They sit down with her constantly saying that shes not hungry because she ate two hours ago.

The man asks in accented English for an extra order form. When the waiter hesitates the man castigates him (in his heavily accented English) for not understanding him.

The food arrives and he constantly cajoles her to eat but she doesn’t want to. Then she says she only came out because she didn’t want to go shopping. Apparently she wants to go for a coffee but he says if they do then he won’t drink any.

Now he has fished out a flyer promising free fish and says they should go there. She asks why he is treating her and he asks if that’s a crime or not. She points out that the flyer could be an april fool and he asks what they are.

I can’t decide if they are on the strangest date ever or are the world’s most mismatched couple. There is a certain amount of familiarity so that rules out the first date theory!

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