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Damn, the Daleks are coming back

Damn, the Daleks are coming back

If there’s one wish I’d had for the forthcoming season of Doctor Who, it would be: ‘No More Daleks please’.

Yes, I appreciate they are definitively the most famous of foes, and guaranteed good viewing figures. But when you’ve reduced the kind of enemy who can obliterate an omnipresent God-like Time Lord race to a snivelling sobbing half-human hybrid wrapped in chains running at the first site of a brown raincoat, maybe it’s time to give them a bit of a rest, eh?

Throughout all the sneak peeks of season 4 thus far, there’s been nary a site of a pepperpot or an eyestalk. Which was a good thing. (The hint of the ye-olde companion-in-love-with-the-Doctor subplot is not a good thing. Even if it has the suddenly easy-on-the-eyes Catherine Tate).

However, amongst the mini teasers for the new season, there’s one for the Dalek. Harumph.

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