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Take the money and run?

Take the money and run?

So… yet again another potentially life-changing question, after someone has unexpectedly graciously offered me another job. Do I go for:

Nottingham – six-month lucrative contract, possibility of permanent. The money involved is obscene, and would be enough for me to do a Masters’, but the work itself sounds relatively dull, and it’s a continuation of the dual-city thing which has run me a tad ragged lately.

London – eleven-month contract at my old haunt but at a higher grade, with the possibility of extension for another year and who knows after that? The money offered is nearly equivalent, although that’d be over eleven months as opposed to six months with the Nottingham job, so I doubt I’d build up enough savings to do a said Masters. But then London offers stability, a chance to sit still for eleven months and try to build a life. Oh, and listen to Virgin Radio in glorious FM, now I’ve become a late-night addict to The Geoff Show.

Just to throw another spanner into the works, I’ve got two more job interviews tomorrow – one with possibly the best TV channel in the world…


  • I wouldn't worry about the money, you'd only waste it on stuff you don't need. 🙂

  • You have in interview with a porn channel?

  • I've already worked for a porn channel in my time 😉

  • And where are the souvenirs? The photos of you with all the big-busted starlets? And my invitation to "see the office"? Hmmmmmm?

    *disappointed in you*

  • The only starlet I ever met was Jo Guest. The only pic I ever got were unsolicited pics from wannabe-models who were generally blonde and thin. And the office was exceedingly dull – all the 'fun' was in Manchester.

  • I have no idea who Jo Guest is. Do you still have the photos? And any phone numbers? My guessing is if they're writing to porn stations then they're pretty easy…

  • Congrats on your multitude of opportunities. Think about happiness, not money. The two are often mutually exclusive. There is a *small* chance that I will get to London early next month whilst on holiday in Ireland. Will you be around?

  • Sheff

    Just get a DAB radio and listen to Virgin wherever you want…

    And if you like London I would go for that one. Personally I don't like London but then I wasn't that impressed with Nottingham when we were there either. I think living in Edinburgh has made me fussy!

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