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Another night out…

Another night out…

So I arrange to go and see Matrix: Reloaded (again) with a work colleague, which makes a nice change. A chance to meet a new person. And I still manage to balls it up by:

* keeping her waiting for 20 minutes. I was waiting for her to call me to tell me when to meet up, and of course my phone chose that moment to deconnect itself from the phone network. Grrr.

* During pizza’n’wine, we’re talking about TV programmes – and Sex And The City – and I somehow, through my usual attempt to make a witty if cumbersome remark, somehow manage to suggest that she’s had lots of sex or something equally terrible. I do somehow manage to drunkenly explain that I tend to reach for the funny remark no matter what. Or in other words, say before I think. Grrrr.

Maybe I should just lay off alcohol for a while. It’s not as if I’m not spontaneous when I’m sober.

The Matrix: Reloaded third time around was still pretty damn good – although this cinema had much better screens. The music grooved. Although Z acts like she’s permanently on downers, and the ending is still terrible!

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