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BT's ineptitude (part 257)

BT's ineptitude (part 257)

Of course, everyone *expects* British Telecom to be slightly inept – it’s the very definition of a UK broadband provider – but to be fair, I’ve had reasonable service from them. Even now, my paid-for net access doesn’t seem to work – yet I can access the Internet through the BT/Fon Wi-Fi community I set up, using my .. erm… paid-for Internet access. Strange…

But that’s not the inept part. When accessing BT’s broadband help service, you’re advised to:

check the broadband service status line on Freephone 0800 169 0199 to see if your area is listed as having a problem.

Call that number – and it gives you the last update for … November 2007. Not exactly up to date!

However, because I can still use the Net via the BT Fon Wi-Fi link, BT do not make THE LIST. I’m sure they’re gutted.

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  • Don't talk to me about BT ineptitude, my last hone bill from them was out by £1100… They corrected it thankfully.

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