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So… this Wikileaks thing…

So… this Wikileaks thing…

Ob. disclaimer: My views alone

Wikileaks released a bunch of war logs. Nobody really cared.

Wikileaks released more war logs, essentially stating for the record what everyone suspected. Nobody really cared.

Then Wikileaks released the US diplomatic cable logs, essentially stating what everyone suspected.

Suddenly, domain names, servers and services are being attacked and shutdown on ever-more spurious criteria. Julian Assange is enemy no.1, hunted across Europe and arrested in the UK – and you’d have thought it’d be easy to find an Albino Australian.

It’s interesting how this is the first major real confrontation between a global Internet and a global government system, and the resultant manhunt is from every paranoid thriller that emerges from Hollywood.

It’s also interesting how the world governments didn’t react or kick into gear when they released the US war logs, but did kick in over diplomatic cables.

While wikileaks has revealed interesting things, so far most people have seemingly just shrugged and moved on – and the revelations have caused people to lose their jobs in democratic countries – goodness knows what the effects will be in less “progressive” places.

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