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Is knowing the England football captain general knowledge?

Is knowing the England football captain general knowledge?

At one recent job interview for an advertising agency, I got lobbed the question Who is the current England football captain?. Unfortunately, I rather froze on the spot and didn’t really answer the question.

Obviously, in hindsight, I should have done a quick swot of football – but is it a question you could easily answer without referring to anything? Football fans (that means you, Mosh and Rhys) need not apply.

PS: The answer he gave was Wayne Rooney. Which doesn’t strike me as being particularly right but…


  • Stephanie

    Was it done as a male bonding/ice breaker thing? I'd guess men need to know these things so they can talk to each other. Is one deemed homosexual if they don't know the answer???!

  • Rooney? Is he? The "current" England captain doesn't really exist as a permanent position right now, as far as I'm aware. Seeing as we've had one match under the new manager – and that a friendly – I'd not have said Rooney.

    Last I knew, it was Steven Gerrard. And I had to look that up. The English team just aren't worth following right now. Gerrard's one of a small number of players who, IMHO, deserve a place on it.

    On the other hand, I don't see what relevance it has in a job interview unless the position somehow relates to sports coverage.

  • I'll be honest, I had no idea. I wouldn't have said Wayne Rooney. Probably like Mosh I'd have said Steven Gerrard.

    Now Welsh Rugby captain, that one's easy.

    I suppose it's "General Knowledge" though. It's something that 60% of the population'd know.

    Still, he was wrong.

  • It was an interview for an advertising agency that has a trainer manufacturer as a major client…

  • as Mosh says I think you can get away without knowing who the captain is now due to the sad state of affairs English football is in.

    So did you get the job? or did they not hire you because you lacked "common" knowledge?

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