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Oh I hate 14 Feb

Oh I hate 14 Feb

If only because it’s third (only to birthdays and Christmas) for fake sentimental emails from companies and shops trying to get you to buy lovey-dovey goods and pretending to be your friend by wishing you a happy Valentines Day.

I mean… the whole point of it is that it’s meant to be a heartfelt thing between you and the person that you love. Not an e-shop that you once put your email address down for. Grrrr.

For more anti-Valentine rants, check out the brilliant Charlie Brooker, the anti-Valentine cards or previous semi-rants about Valentines Day.

And I’ll leave you with this entirely unrelated comic that came from the superlative Secret Asian Man:

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  • I agree about the commercialization of Valentine's day. I do like the chocolate and extras cuddles from Dave, though.

    And Secret Asian Man rocks!

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