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The ultimate pop culture and classics question

The ultimate pop culture and classics question

Since the dawn of modern-day pop culture (20 minutes ago), wise sages have been wondering what is the one question that can test both spheres of knowledge? The pop cultural, and the classical spheres of the world. Both are equally important in their own way. But is there one question that can unite the two spheres, and bring mankind together to usher in a brave new frontier?

No? Just me? Oh. I’ll carry on anyway.

Now my friend red silk robe has stumbled upon the perfect question. and it’s a joke. Unfortunately, talented everyman actor Roy Schneider had to die for this joke to work, but I’m sure he’d recognise the worthy cause in which it happened.

So the joke goes:

I see that Roy Scheider died. I’ve always liked him and I’m sad to see him go. I should call Charon and say “I think you need a bigger boat.”

If you get both aspects of this joke and all the references, congratulations. You are the one to unite the world of pop culture and classics.

and you’re a better man than I, alas.

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  • Got the Charon reference, but had to check on the "bigger boat" quote since I've only ever seen snippets of the movie… I think I need to work on my pop culture references.

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