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Whose luggage is this?

Whose luggage is this?

Whenever i go travelling i am usually quite obsessive about keeping my luggage with me just in case anyone nicks my precious things if nothing else!

so i was quite surprised when i was at victoria coach station (the nearest thing london has to a refugee camp theme park experience) and saw a suitcase sitting by itself taking up a valuable seat.

after about twenty minutes i started making discreet enquiries amongst my fellow passengers as to whether it was their suitcase. It wasnt.

so i alerted the station supervisor who started prodding it with his foot. Immediately some guy at the back who had headphones on ran over and claimed it. He got a lecture.

but never mind the potential terrorist problems. Why would someone leave their bag on a seat and then stand at the back somewhere ? Who are you "saving" the seat for ?!

travellers. Tsk tsk.

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