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Brings a whole meaning to "Hello, Dave"…

Brings a whole meaning to "Hello, Dave"…

Apparently, British women thinks blokes called Dave are the most well-endowed. Which ought to be good news for David Lloyd.

Fortunately, Mark Boulton, James Cridland, Mark Thompson and Mark Byford would seem to have nothing to fear either. (Wonder what goes on at BBC executive meetings…)

This blog post is brought to you because there are tons of things I do want to say, but summoning the energy to say them in a vaguely cogiscent and amusing manner fails me at the moment!


  • Quite obviously they didn't poll enough of my ex-girlfriends. Or they did, and came to the conclusion that Rhys was a "Generous Anomaly"

  • That's good news for my wife at least. Everyone else is out of luck. This is the not the first time the size of my appendage has been the subject for discussion, but I'll leave it at that. 😀

  • Hurry, ladies. "Big name #4" is now available. You've tried the rest, now try the best. Except for Dave, Paul, and Steve, but they're not quite as sensitive or caring.

  • Luke Surrey

    is that why UKTV changed it's named to Dave?

    I suppose it explains the worn carpet where David Lloyd used to sit in the office in Cardiff!

  • Being married to a Dave, I will only smile…

  • Oh Luke… Pur-lease!

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