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Two weeks in London

Two weeks in London

Well, after two weeks of working and commuting in London, I can tell you this:

– the free newspaper market in London is *insane*. Everywhere you go, there are men thrusting bits of newspaper at you, and making loud banging noises occasionally to get your attention. Of course, when you’re about to enter a tube station, the *last* thing you want to hear is a loud banging noise.

– the commute is rather tiresome. I’m living in the spare bedroom of a friend of mine in Chesham, which means a 90-120 minute journey each way to the office.

Although it is voyeuristic fun watching other commuters and wondering what their life is like. Like the man who sits opposite me totally unaware that Brylcreem is not meant to cover your hair, but complement it.

Then again, a couple of times I’ve been part of the scrum half that forms the Jubilee line. Boy, wonder what that would be like in the summer…

– the work is fun, good and interesting. It makes a nice change to actually have my work critiqued professionally.

– it’s a nice office too of friendly people. Shame the job’s only temporary!

– Oyster cards rock. Much better than the horrible Travelcards I used to have to contend with!

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  • I like London for visiting; can imagine how one could go gaga commuting. 'specially when public transport goes on strike and whatnot.

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