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How do you keep warm in bed?

How do you keep warm in bed?

Up till now, I’ve been sleeping in an old duvet that I’ve had for students’ years, with a multi-coloured bedspread on top to try and keep the chill out.

Yesterday, I thought I’d take advantage of the January sales, and ended up buying a combination non-allergic 15-tog duvet, which I’m told is the warmest you can get.

So I climbed into bed last night, thought it was a bit chilly but thought the bed would slowly warm up. And ended up dreaming of being trapped in a South Pole arctic base all night.

Did I miss a trick with the tog thing? Is 15-tog the warmest you can get, or am I just living in an exceptionally cold flat?

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  • Rich Dodgin

    15-tog is the warmest duvet available… sounds like you're living in an exceptionally cold flat !

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