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Lost in music…

Lost in music…

Unusually, I seem to have rediscovered my love for pop music lately – probably as a result of driving around over Christmas with the radio turned up. But it’s never usually a good sign.

I’m certainly digging (daddio) Scouting For Girls, if only because Elvis Ain’t Dead lets me do my air synth dancing, which goes down well at the local discotheque.

Every time Girls’ Aloud’s Call The Shots, I can’t stop doing the “ooooooh” lyric – which can be embarassing in the office. Then again, I first heard the chorus starting off as “Just because you lay in your bed and call the shots”. But even with the correct version, I still have no idea what the narrative flow of the record is – it just makes no sense! Do you know what it all means?

There’s no such confusion with Rhianna’s Please Don’t Stop The Music. Simplistic pop that’s only saved by the grace of having that Michael Jackson sample in it. One that comes in very handy when trying to keep your cool and shopping around the place.

Then again, I still like hearing Take That’s Rule The World. Even if it’s been played to death on British radio. It’s still a damn good track.

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  • Dude… please. Just dig out an 80's album and stop promoting this Grud-awful crap the radio insists on force-feeding the yoof of today.

    Go and buy some damn Megadeth CDs!

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