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Blog like a shotgun or machine gun?

Blog like a shotgun or machine gun?

I’ve recently been musing over whether ’tis better to blog like a shotgun (occasionally but in depth), or like a machine gun (short frequent updates)?

The problem with doing a machine-gun like approach is that the posts would get even more irrelevant, to the point where I’d blog about observing that over Christmas, whilst driving through Bedfordshire, I managed to flick through the various radio stations to find Take that’s Rule The World being played five times in fifteen minutes. It’s a great song – and the first time around, I was bellowing out the lyrics with wanton abandon – but even my voice couldn’t sustain doing that for fifteen minutes.

So, shotgun or machine gun?


  • You are of course opening yourself up to all sorts of potentially non-blog related uses for you shot and machine guns. šŸ™‚

    Just do what you want, it's your space. That's why people have feed readers.

  • to be pedantic, while the shotgun fires infrequently, it tends to spray a great number of pellets everywhere. not that i'm a gun expert or anything.

    i'd read your blog whatever style you choose. and there's always twitter for the little things.

    btw, am liking your latest header photo: very metropolitan.

  • Yeah, was meaning to ask – what is it a photo of? Obviously a building, but which one?

  • It's the Urbis building in Manchester, as photographed by John, a Flickr friend of mine. Although I might replace it with a pic I've taken in Manchester!

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