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Christmas card etiquette

Christmas card etiquette

Quick question, Internet users out there:

Should you give Christmas cards to people you see all the time? Or just wish them a merry Christmas?

Is it better to be frugal when it comes to giving out Christmas cards (issued on paper after all) or to be excessive?


  • In the years we sat together at work, do you ever once recall getting one off me? 😀

    Frugal. Save the trees.

  • Hm… that's a toughie. This year I went light on gifts and heavy on cards… I sent out 150 of them. At least trees are renewable resources. Whereas giving people a bunch of artificially-made crap is much worse for the environment. It honestly annoys me to no end when I get e-cards for holidays – they are so impersonal, but perhaps the person is just looking out for Mother Earth. (Or, more likely, they are way too lazy to buy cards, sign them, fill in the addresses, affix postage and lug them to the post office.)

  • I personally feel cards are for those you don't see often. I don't give the generic box of cards cards to my everyday life friends. Perhaps a more personal one instead of a gift (if I am broke!haha) or with the gift.

    Ecards are the worst of all. Granted they aren't free anymore but they are so terrible they should be.

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