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On the slow train to glasgow

On the slow train to glasgow

I appear to be on the inaugural transpennine slow train to glasgow replacing virgin cross country.

all the fluffy bunny marketing ladies in branded baseball caps, glossy magazines reminding you of the rebranding to FIRST TRANSPENNINE EXPRESS and non scottish conductors wearing kilts handing out free scottish shortbread cant disguise the fact i am stuck on a commuter train with very few facilities stopping at every tiny station in the north west all the way to glasgow. For the next four hours.

at least virgin trains had a power socket and on board shop.

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  • I empathise with you, the services to Manchester from Leeds are abysmal and paying for first class does not guarantee you a seat and the general management give not a jot about improving services.

    Lets hope the Government review of their franchise is a good one and they have it removed!

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